Faculty & Staff, Advisory Board


Rev S.A. Arokiadass, HGN (Father Dass)Pastorpastor@ssppcatholic.org
Mr. Ricky WhitePrincipalrwhite@ssppcatholic.org
Kristy HumphreySchool Secretarysecty@ssppcatholic.org
Amy InghramParish Secretaryssppp1216oh@dwc.org


Ricky White has a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma. Ricky has been in education since 1995. Prior to 1995 he trained adults in the business world.  Ricky served as President and Vice President in the business world. He is starting his 4th year as Principal at SSPP. He has lifetime certification as a Principal in West Virginia



Cathy YoungMusic Teachercyoung@ssppcatholic.org
Mrs. Gemma WhiteKindergarten Teachergwhite@ssppcatholic.org
Mrs. Claudia KaniaPK Teacherckania@ssppcatholic.org
Mrs. Martha Hall1st & 2nd Grademhall@ssppcatholic.org
Mrs. Denise Riner3rd & 4th Gradedriner@ssppcatholic.org
Mr. Lenny KeavenySocial Studies (5-8) / P.E. (K-8)lkeaveny@ssppcatholic.org
Mrs. Kathy Lewis-PayneScience (7-8) & Math (5-8)kpayne@ssppcatholic.org
Mrs. Natasha Mucho-SeayEnglish/Lang Arts (5-8)nmucho@ssppcatholic.org
Mrs. Shannon DeanAR Coordinator/Art/ScienceSdean@ssppcatholic.org
Mrs. Elizabeth LyonsArtElyons@ssppcatholic.org

All teachers have degrees. All teachers that are not certified are working on their certification.


Claudia Kania has been at SSPP for 13 years. She has been teaching at SSPP for 5 years. Claudia has  a BA from Concord University.



Gemma White has been a teacher for  25 years. This is her 2nd year as a Kindergarten teacher at SSPP. She has a

BE Ed Degree from Mater Dei College in the Philippines. Gemma is certified as a teacher in West Virginia.


1st & 2nd Grade

Martha Hall has been a teacher at SSPP for 5 years. Martha is certified as a teacher in West Virginia. She has a BS degree from Concord College.



3rd & 4th Grade Teachers

Denise Riner has been a teacher for over 13 years. This is her 14th year as a teacher at SSPP.


Shannon Dean teaches Science and Art as well as other 3rd and 4th grade classes. Shannon has a Masters degree. Shannon is certified as a teacher in West Virginia.





Natasha Mucho-Seay teaches 5th-8th grade English/ Language Arts. Natasha has taught at SSPP for 22 years. Natasha is  certified as a teacher in West Virginia. She has a BS from Concord University.



Social Studies & PE

Lenny Keaveny has taught at SSPP for 3 years and is starting his 4th year. He teaches Social Studies, PE and coaches Soccer and Basketball. He is also the 5th/6th grade homeroom teacher.

He has a BA  from Acadia University.



Math And Science

Kathy Lewis-Payne has been teaching for 26 years. She is starting her 5th year at SSPP. She teaches Math & Science. She is also the homeroom teacher for 7th and 8th grade.

Kathy has a Masters Degree from Marshall University.



Elizabeth Lyons teaches Art. She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Converse College.







Cathy Young will be teaching music to PK-8th grade.



Mrs. Judy MartinCook
Sandra PawlusAide & After School Care
Mrs. Kathy RyderCustodial Staff
Mrs. Lori TreadwayPre School Aide / Early Morning Care


Advisory Board

Father DassAdvisory Board
Denise RinerAdvisory Board
Ricky WhiteAdvisory Board
Tom BoothAdvisory Board
Debbie GarvinAdvisory Board
Chris KilanyAdvisory Board
Janet MartyAdvisory Board
Susan MrozekAdvisory Board
Art GonzalesAdvisory Board
Kathy GloverAdvisory Board
Jessica (Jessie) SwankAdvisory Board
Mike LivelyAdvisory Board