Extra-Curricular Activities

Character Education

Here at SSPP we promote core ethical and performance values as the foundation of good character. Our students embody good Christian values and this is displayed by their many acts of caring and doing for others.

  • SSPP students donated items for six Thanksgiving baskets for needy families in the area. These items were collected and put together by our 5th – 8th grade students.
  • Our students adopted two families in need to ensure they had a blessed Christmas.
  • SSPP sponsored a baby shower wherein students donated baby items for the Fayette County Woman’s shelter.
  • Once a month, our 5th – 8th grade students visit Head Start where they spend time and do crafts with the children.
  • Our students love $1 out of uniform days and the money received is donated to several different charities (i.e. Smile Train, Gabrielle’s Project, St. Jude’s, Covenant House, Catholic Relief Services).
  • As unfortunate tragedies occur such as the Upper Big Branch mine accident and the earthquake in Japan, our school will hold an additional $1 out of uniform day to support those causes.

We are very proud of our student body and all that they do in the interests of others.