PTO Minutes September 2016

September 13, 2016

Call to Order-Ms. Shelli Jasper
Opening Prayer-Mr. White
Secretary’s Report-Mrs. Marty
No Report
Treasurer’s Report: Mrs. Treadway
Lori was not present but sent balance and Claudia Kania presented.
PTO account balance $1,018.44
After pay outs to Mountain Vending and Uniforms
Janet Marty reminded that PTO family due envelopes will be coming home soon and it is $25 per family not child.

Pastor’s Report: Father Symeon Galazka
Not present

Principal’s Report: Mr. White
Chrome books are being enjoyed
Science books are online
English Language Arts books are online
96 enrolled only 3 less than last year
Conundrum to be a community event to bring everyone together and make a little bit of money for the school.
Grandparents Luncheon was a success
I now weigh 40 pounds less than I did last year at this time I tell you this to keep me on track
Mr. Keaveny donated the water fountain for the cafeteria
Want a filtered system for upstairs and we are working on a solution
Out of uniform will be next week forms will be sent home

Teacher’s Reports
Pre-K: Mrs. Priyani Hapaurachy
Settled in new kids. Matching, stringing, etc. Last year’s kids that returned are doing more advanced work.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Kania
Reviewing, cutting with scissors, letters, sounds, and numbers.

1st/2nd: Mrs. Hall
Settling into routine
AR testing is started
Math-patterns, facts
Science-Animal classification
Class pet the walking stick
Habitats-they have a project coming up
Social Studies-Government

3rd/4th: Mrs. Riner
Star tested on August 31st
Chapter one of Social Studies
Weekly emails sent about assignments, if you have any questions feel free to contact her

5th/6th: Mr. Keaveny
Social Studies-Went over the events of 9/11
WV History-Regions

7th/8th: Mrs. Payne
Science-Doing mock Science fair projects
Chrome books are really being enjoyed

Math-Transitioning great

7th & 8th graders are selling Stadium cushions for $5 for their end of the year trip. $4 from each sale goes toward their trip.

English/Language Arts: Mrs. Seay
Chrome books used often
They swap essays and read each other’s and make comments which have been positive ones/
A lot of the reading is done with the Chrome books

Religion: Mrs. Murphy
She encourages her students to do their best, the older boys seem fine with turning in papers and making low grades.
There will be a Questions meeting in the Art Room at 9:00 everyone welcome

Art: Mrs. Dean
Really busy with projects
They are displayed in the cafeteria

Library: Dr Greenwood

Science: Dr Greenwood
Plant & Animal Classifications

Gym: Mr. Keaveny
Soccer is finished at the end of October
Basketball is next
10 pushups, 10 sit ups, 10 air squats

SSPP Soccer has won their games with Collins Middle and Park Middle
They received an award for best Sportsmanship it is on display upstairs

Advancement Board: Laura Kilany
Conundrum /Family Scavenger Hunt September 18th at the Confluence Resort.
Sign up Teams
BBQ & S’mores afterwards
$12 adults and $7 kids
Old Business:
Water fountain’s for upstairs still working on a pricing and how we can get a filtered system like in the cafeteria.
Cafeteria cooler was donated to the school.
New Business:
Can Food Drive 19th-23rd Class who raises the most food wins a pizza party
A list will be sent home this week but spaghetti is our featured food this month

Startup money for the teachers $100 each
Motion Laura Martin
2nd Leslie Higginbotham
Mr. White suggested $50 til funds increased in account, PTO family dues will be soon coming in. Motioned Mr. White 2nd Brenda Houghs. Can do the other $50 at a later date.
Student with Highest Achievement award that is sponsored by the PTO Mr. White updated it with the last 3 years names. He asked to be reimbursed for that which cost $12. It was brought up that PTO purchased the plaque years ago it wasn’t for them to pay for the names to be added. That is a school reimbursement.
Any nominations for PTO president? No one came forward but Mr. White asked that it please be considered and do what you feel in your heart is right.
We will discuss it further in next meeting after we get a copy of the bylaws and see what needs done.

Lori Lokant won the Lowes $500 gift card for the school fundraiser.
The fundraiser raised over $1000.00 for the school.

Scholarship applications for the Michael Murphy scholarship are to be returned no later than October 3rd.

It was asked that the small reminders like for PTO meetings, etc. be sent by text blast

Meghan Gilkerson has SCRIP and plans to bring to each PTO meeting for anyone interested.

Uniform Exchange is available during PTO meetings too.

Motion to close meeting
Claudia Kania
2nd Dr Greenwood

Closing Prayer: Mr. White

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